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Our signature approach to second-language instruction advances students using specialized, communication-based curriculum. Our method effectively supports and motivates teachers, students, and parents in their Spanish language education.

You can rely on Kallpachay’s skilled team of experts to pinpoint the precise development needed to produce results. Together with you we tailor a plan within your budget for targeted improvements, addressing multiple goals with our in-depth practical support. Count on us to take your career or language department to new heights!

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Kallpachay Professional Development services can help you to design your own professional development course. With extensive expertise in navigating the different possibilities and opportunities, together we can take your career further with our services.


Teachers can rely on Kallpachay experts to provide essential feedback on their methods with the potential of further aiding them in building classes from the ground up. With a clear and detailed plan of action, new or established teachers can advance with confidence toward their goals.


Kallpachay’s interactive workshops are the perfect solution for teachers seeking to improve. Our practical tools will guide you in building your communication-based teaching techniques that are applicable for both online or in-person programs.


Observe our classes and see how we get results through our immersion approach! Training includes lesson study and practice teaching with each series. Apply your skills as Kallpachay guides you to processing new techniques in a real-world or virtual classroom!


Through our cognitive coaching, we work with you via mentorship, empowering you week-by-week to build and develop your dynamic program within your classroom using a wide array of tools and curriculum resources.

professional development testimonials

Mrs. Rubio-Hignett’s teaching style and techniques are easy to follow, fun for the kids, and enormously effective, which in turn brings great results.

Violeta Villagomez

Mrs. Rubio-Hignett taught me better classroom management and organization. Her techniques make activities fun for children, which helps them enjoy learning Spanish.

Violeta Huerta

Kallpachay’s curriculum has helped me plan and better organize my classes. It has also helped simplify the content in a fun and constructive way, helping the students more easily learn the language.

Arlenys C.


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Give the lifetime-lasting gift of language immersion knowledge and education! With our Kallpachay gift cards, you can give that gift to anyone for our in-person or online immersion services!