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Kallpachay provides quality Spanish immersion language education tools and resources for educators, administrators, and parents to connect students to all aspects of the Spanish culture.

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kids spanish immersion

Our immersion approach challenges students through an arts-infused, play-based approach. Every interaction helps students gain confidence with a focus on speaking practice through songs, games, reading, writing, and more!

adults spanish immersion

Reach your personal or professional language-learning goals through consistent lessons taught by native Spanish speakers! Our lessons are tailored to a variety of needs, from casual conversation to business presentations and beyond.

educator immersion services

Partner with us and update your Spanish program. Choose our services to match your needs. Choices from complete program design and management to one or more of our specialty services in Spanish program design.

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why learn spanish?

There are endless reasons to learn a second language, and with Spanish in particular - the second most widely spoken language in the world — the reasons are even more evident.

Some of the more important benefits that Spanish-language education offers your child include:

  • Allowing them to communicate with Spanish speakers all over the world
  • Paving the way to vital improvements in their brain development
  • Opening the door to new friends and experiences
  • Creating new avenues for communication to further expand their knowledge
  • Broadening their perspectives as they learn to look at the world through a new lens
  • Improving upon their job prospects and starting salaries as they enter adulthood

Learning with Kallpachay is an easy way to bring fun to all aspects of Spanish language learning. With our native speaking counselors originating from a wide range of Hispanic cultures, our campers are immersed daily in a positive, authentic cultural experience.

spanish immersion for kids

Our immersion approach challenges students through an arts infused, play based approach. Every interaction helps students gain confidence with a focus on speaking practice through songs, games, reading, writing, and more!

summer classes


Check out our new summer classes! Browse our selection and sign up soon to get access to an amazing discount!

in-person summer day camp


We’ve got a full summer in store at our new Altadena, CA location, with two sessions covering three weeks each--join for one or both, whether just for the morning, afternoon, or the entire day!

middle school summer camp


We attract all types of learners from those who love learning languages to those who find it a challenge to keep up—wherever you fall, Kallpachay brings out the fun in language learning!

online summer camp


Kallpachay's camp programs are a perfect blend of creative summer projects, spirit days, games, experimentation, and cultural celebrations. Our positive and encouraging atmosphere swoops spirits upward for Spanish language development and personal growth.

backyard classes


Perfect for homeschool families and small groups of friends—have fun learning and growing together in all aspects of Spanish language development! If you do not see us listed as a vendor with your charter, let us know and we would be happy to help!

spanish immersion for adults

Get a boost for your college course, professional development, or personal growth in Spanish. Our immersion approach for adults uses the conversational format that can be tailored to help each student meet their language goals.

classes for adults

From conversation, writing, preparing for exams, or travel, our teachers tailor lessons to meet your language goals! Our format—tailored to your unique needs—utilizes consistent practice through a comprehensive approach that includes reading, writing, speaking, games and creative projects.

caregiver training

Provide your caregiver with the tools needed to ensure they are your child’s first Spanish language teacher with Kallpachay qualification, mentorship, assessment and training services.

COVID-19 precautions

Due to the current pandemic, we have implemented new safety precautions for all in-person classes. A breakdown of these measures will be provided to you during the registration process or on request. Some particular requirements to keep in mind when reaching out to us to schedule in-person classes are:

  • You must have an outdoor space that can be used for the duration of your class
  • All group classes are limited to a maximum of two families

spanish immersion for educators

Make your selection from curriculum to consulting services. We are your agent for change!

immersion curriculum

Our innovative curriculum uses a play-based immersion approach to advance children as confident Spanish speakers. Our curriculum helps each student with reading, writing, and speaking the Spanish language. Inquire to learn how we exceed ACTFL standards!

program consulting

Revamp, fine-tune, or evaluate your language department with the tools we provide, including curriculum development, teacher training, and more!

professional development

Optimize your Spanish language instruction for student engagement! Our experts inspire your teachers to infuse their lessons with communication-based language games and activities.



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