COVID-19 precautions

Due to the current pandemic, we have implemented new safety precautions for all in-person classes. A breakdown of these measures will be provided to you during the registration process or on request. Some particular requirements to keep in mind when reaching out to us to schedule in-person classes are:

  • You must have an outdoor space that can be used for the duration of your class

play your way to spanish

Whether your child is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish speaker, our teachers will guide them along a lesson plan tailored to their needs in a private or small-group environment of 1-6 students. While beginner students are taken through the basics of the language, parents of intermediate and advanced students may either approach us with a targeted area for growth, or rely on our teacher to assess their child and create lessons accordingly. No matter your child’s age, level, or starting placement, you can rely on us to advance their skills and abilities through our full-immersion approach. They will be given the building blocks of the language and challenged to speak Spanish, building confidence and mastery through their time with us!

Our instructors are native speakers who implement immersion instruction using a heart-centered approach. Kallpachay specializes in a style of instruction we developed to engage children on their level. We capitalize on what we know about children at each stage of their life developmentally, and our curriculum themes bring out lively imaginations and a love of learning through play and creativity.

Integrated throughout our communicative-based curriculum are activities, songs, games, and movements that not only help children to remember the thematic vocabulary and grammatical rules, but also piques their enthusiasm and motivation to speak Spanish. We have over 20 thematic units that advance children in a way that excites their creative mind and stimulates their curiosity.

how to register

Our in-person classes are scheduled directly with you and are currently only offered for our Los Angeles-based families. Contact us to get a class started for your children!


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