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Start on the path to immersion teaching with Kallpachay’s dynamic curriculum and your students will play their way to Spanish with ease! Our teacher’s manual guides you through the process with not only the how-to’s but also the why’s.

  • Why is this lesson important to teach in this particular way?
  • Why is the progression important?
  • How can I use routines to advance language acquisition?
  • How can I adapt the lessons for my unique group?

Your practical working knowledge and level of teaching a foreign language will improve dramatically by using Kallpachay’s curriculum.

thematic units

  • Step-by-step guide to immersion teaching
  • Speech production focus
  • Captivating visual imagery
  • Art activities
  • Science projects
  • Cultural components
  • Games, songs, and more!




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Elite, premium, and professional packages are available.

Our Time Travel Series capitalizes on students’ innate capacity to infer meaning when 100% immersed in a Spanish-only environment. Students gain confidence and skills in all areas of language acquisition. Our progressive lessons advance students with creative techniques that place an emphasis on oral fluency. Expectations for student achievement are built into all lessons. Our activity pages are a culmination of every lesson’s key content so that the student is prepared to succeed. Adaptable for ages 4-10.

curriculum testimonials

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Para mi, enseñar inmersión es abrir dos puertas al mundo a mis estudiantes. Como nativa hablante en español puedo darles a mis estudiantes la oportunidad de expandir su vocabulario. Es realmente fascinante poder ver que una mente tan pequeña pueda crecer tanto en la segunda lengua en tan poco tiempo.

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Kallpachay's interactive and cultural curriculum make teaching and learning very fun. It has taught me that the more fun and engaged students are the more learning they gain! The curriculum is well written, easy to follow and exciting to use. Learning Spanish has never been so enjoyable for my students.

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Kallpachay's curriculum has helped me focus on specific targets of what I should aim to accomplish in each class. It is very detailed and precise to the point that even if you are just beginning your teaching career, it will help you step-by-step to deliver excellent results.


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