"Love" from Argentina to Venezuela

Learn a little about the language of love

They say that falling in love is a crazy ride, full of ups and downs, twists and turns, stumbling and rumbling. We very much rely on language to guide us on the love journey whether we realize it or not. When the heart is involved sometimes we can lose sight of the types of experiences we might be in for. This is just the time to explore our range of love vocabulary to help us to understand our feelings.

Image of beach sand by the ocean, with a heart shape drawn in the foreground in the sand.

Here are some expressions that relate to love from seven Spanish speaking countries:

  1. Guatemala. “Ya te colgaste”, which means literally “You’ve hanged up yourself”
  2. Colombia. “Estás tragado”, which means literally “You are swallowed up”
  3. Cuba. “Estoy pa’ to’ contigo”, which means literally “I am for everything for you”
  4. Costa Rica. “Pepiado”, this word has no translation and refers to the state of falling in love.
  5. Argentina. “Metedura”, this word has no translation and refers to the state of falling in love.
  6. México. “Te quiero”, which means literally “I want you”
  7. México. “Te amo”, which literally means “I love you” this is a deeper, more profound expression of love than the previous way.
  8. Venezuela. “Estoy emperrao” or “Estoy emperrá”, which means literally “I have fallen in love with you like a dog.”

The Spanish Language, because it evolved from Vulgar Latin, is known as a Romance language. This does not mean that saying “I love you” is necessarily more romantic than saying the same thing in any other language. In the Spanish language, like any other language, there are a myriad ways to express a sentiment but each offers its own unique flavor.

Do you dare to try some actual spanish words?

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