Why are Live-In Immersion Programs so Effective?

The benefits of studying abroad

Students of all ages have long been encouraged to study languages as many studies connect linguistic skill to other academic achievements. The work that is required to read, write, and speak in a new language can help students develop essential skills that they can use in other areas of their lives.

While studying a language is important, it has been found that language immersion programs in particular are much more effective when it comes to fluency—particularly those programs where you are able to live with a family that speaks your target language!

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But first things first…what is a language immersion program?

Language immersion education can take many forms. A fast-paced, live-in language immersion program is an intensive language learning course where participants who wish to learn a second language travel to a foreign country and not only learn from teachers, but also live for a period of time with volunteers who are native speakers of the language they wish to learn. At language immersion schools, by comparison, travel isn’t necessarily involved, yet every moment of the student’s time is spent speaking and listening in the target language. A quality immersion school program aims to recreate the context-rich environment of living with native speakers of the target language and help their students to experience the intricately entwined nature of language and culture.

The benefits of immersion

Learning a second language activates different parts of the brain, and students who participate in language immersion programs get a cognitive boost. As students learn two languages, they develop advantages in their ability to break apart words, identify sounds, and listen.

In an immersion program, students don’t just learn another language, they learn IN another language. Learning in another language means connecting to the rest of the world in all its diversity. It becomes a part of our thinking process because we practice looking at things from different perspectives.

Why choose Spanish?

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries, but it’s widely spoken in several more—and that on at least four separate continents thanks to immigration! For those looking to study a language that is useful in everything from business to government to medicine: Spanish is the language you’re looking for. Because there are so many countries in which Spanish is one of the primary languages spoken, you have endless options when choosing where to study!

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Alternatives to Live-In Programs

Everyone has different financial means and time constraints and therefore what they’re capable of affording will vary widely from person to person. So what if you can’t afford a live-in immersion program?

The great news is that immersion learning isn’t off the table entirely! Immersion schools offer similar experiences to live-in programs but in a classroom environment. Private immersion classes for your child are similarly possible. (And the even better news? Kallpachay offers both!)

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