learn spanish at your pace

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish speaker, our teachers will guide you along a lesson plan tailored to your needs. While beginner students are taken through the basics of the language, intermediate and advanced students have the option to either request a a targeted area for growth, or rely on our teacher to assess them and create lessons accordingly. No matter your level or starting placement, you can rely on us to advance your skills and abilities through our full- immersion approach. You will be given the building blocks of the language and challenged to speak Spanish, building confidence and mastery through your time with us in these virtual classes!

Our instructors are native speakers with an understanding of the importance of teaching Spanish from a heart-centered approach. They are patient, organized, and skilled at guiding you through the language using engaging routines each class. From our classes you can expect the inclusion of:

  • Interactive activities
  • A focus on speaking practice
  • Tailored objectives
  • A creative and project-based approach
  • Education on the cultural influences of pan-Latin communities
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Contact us today to create a schedule that works best for you or your group!


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