Due to the CDC recommendations we are taking all necessary precautions to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Our open house event originally planned for April 4 will instead take place as a virtual event in either late April or early May.

Be sure you RSVP today to get ongoing updates due to the current health crisis!

COVID-19 and ongoing classes and camps

Please read how Kallpachay is adapting to the current crisis. Find out more about our relaxed refund policies, our virtual class options and the latest information right here!

March 18, 2020
This page will be updated as newer information becomes available.
In Response to COVID-19


We have relaxed our refund policies in light of the recent corona virus developments. We recommend that you hold your child's space to attend Kallpachay camp this summer using our payment plan option. Any deposits and payments that are made will be fully refunded if camp weeks are canceled due to the corona virus. Additionally you will receive a full refund up until your camp week if you choose to cancel your registration from camp due to extenuating circumstances stemming from the corona virus. The $20 registration fee is non-refundable. For additional questions about registration and payments or to arrange a tailored payment plan please email


All automatic payments between March 18 and April 16 have been rescheduled to April 17. This may again be rescheduled when we reevaluate on April 16. Once classes resume refunds will be issued for all dates canceled due to the Corona virus.


Now is the perfect time to get started with online learning with Kallpachay! Please email for our introductory rates.



spanish adventure camp open house

Saturday, April 4th, 2020 @ 2-4pm

Fly on over and join us in an afternoon of Spanish language learning fun with our camp twist. On April 4th, from 2-4pm, Kallpachay camp staff will be guiding our activity stations for children and parents to get a hands-on experience of how our cultural and project-based learning interconnects at our camps. All families interested in learning more about our summer camps are welcome to participate with their children.

While we will only be holding a single open house this year rather than one at each of our locations as we’ve done in the past, counselors and site directors from ALL of our camp locations will be joining in to introduce themselves and mingle with our parents. Activities will be ongoing, so whether you come for only 30 minutes or stay for the full two hours, there will be plenty to do and learn as we play our way to Spanish. We look forward to meeting you!

¡Te esperamos!

activity stations

Visit our art, science, and sports stations, and don’t forget about Loreto’s workshop! See how we teach language and boost energy with our camp spirit!

kallpachay booth

Meet the team and ask about anything you would like to know about camp!

game booth

Play our immersive Loro game and win prizes!

snack attack

Keep your energy up with a free snack from our refreshment station!

The Kallpachay Bird
why learn spanish?

There are endless reasons to learn a second language, and with Spanish in particular - the second most widely spoken language in the world — the reasons are even more evident.

Some of the more important benefits that Spanish-language education offers your child include:

  • Allowing them to communicate with Spanish speakers all over the world
  • Paving the way to vital improvements in their brain development
  • Opening the door to new friends and experiences
  • Creating new avenues for communication to further expand their knowledge
  • Broadening their perspectives as they learn to look at the world through a new lens
  • Improving upon their job prospects and starting salaries as they enter adulthood

Learning with Kallpachay is an easy way to bring fun to all aspects of Spanish language learning. With our native speaking counselors originating from a wide range of Hispanic cultures, our campers are immersed daily in a positive, authentic cultural experience.

join our camp flocks!

At Kallpachay Spanish Adventure Camp, campers learn to speak Spanish in our joyful, supportive immersion environment.

Each day holds opportunities to collaborate, express creativity, and increase global awareness. Camp includes sports, singing, language games, art projects, science experiments, celebrations, and more!

Spaces fill quickly, so be sure to register your children ASAP!