play your way to spanish with us in summer '21!

We had an amazing virtual experience for Kallpachay Spanish Adventure Camp 2020 — thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all our families who made this possible and being part of our flock! We look forward to future virtual camps and in-person camp experiences. Our backyard pods are open for scheduling for local Los Angeles families!

Keep an eye out for news about the 2021 Kallpachay camp season; registration will launch April 2021! In the meantime, sign up for our newsletter for updates or follow us on social media to learn more.


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Registration opens April 2021 for our new virtual Spanish immersion camp for campers ages 4-15! Campers are placed into small groups of 3-5 campers according to age and Spanish-speaking ability. Our camp delivers interactivity through our innovative curriculum and dynamic routines with native speaking counselors.


The second best thing to traveling to Spanish-speaking countries is preparing for that travel! Choosing an online adventure this summer for your children can seem daunting. Your school-based programs may have fallen flat, but as camp professionals we have 7+ years of experience creating camp spirit, meeting new challenges, and creating memories for our campers. This summer will be no different in that regard!

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how is the kallpachay virtual camp experience unique?

Summer curriculum includes Magnificent Geography of Guatemala, Animal Habitats of Bolivia, and Musical Rhythms of Venezuela with weekly sign-ups through July. Central to all of our programs (which now includes the online experience) is our focus on speaking practice through games to help campers enjoy and advance in learning Spanish as a second language!

Before camp begins we connect with our families to help match their camper to their perfect group according to their age and level. Our youngest campers will be placed in groups of no more than 5 campers, and our older campers will be placed in groups of no more than 6 campers.

camp programs & schedule

Kallpachay's camp programs are a perfect blend of creative summer projects, spirit days, games, experimentation, and cultural celebrations. Our positive and encouraging atmosphere swoops spirits upward for Spanish language development and personal growth.
Dates: June 22nd - July 31st
AGES 4-10

If the world of Spanish is new to your beginner camper, don’t fret! We’ve designed a program that helps our campers acclimate to Spanish with immersion fun. If you have reservations about placing your child in a six-hour immersion setting, this shortened, immersion block of time eases that concern. Our immersion approach helps campers to recall vocabulary easily and to develop an ear for the language! Additional support in English will be provided for our beginners as needed.

Children learn second languages quickly when given the proper environment. Our immersion method has helped us recognize the resilience and natural capacity our campers have to adapt to new challenges. Our thematic, context-rich approach enables us to teach campers of all ages and stages about cultures and traditions while also experimenting, moving, creating, and innovating. There is always something to look forward to at Kallpachay Spanish Adventure Camp!

AGES 4-10

Our signature camp stays true to our full-day, 100% immersion model. Campers are completely immersed in the different subjects we offer, helping them practice their Spanish while acquiring new vocabulary and understanding new concepts. Campers will play their way to understanding grammatical structure, increasing vocabulary acquisition, fluency, and conversational skills.

Guatemala, Bolivia, and Venezuela are our featured countries this summer. To pique the interest and curiosity of each camper, we delve into each country’s culture through science, art projects, and theater arts. Our thematic, context-rich approach enables us to teach campers about specific cultures and traditions while also experimenting, moving, creating, and innovating. There is always something to look forward to at our Kallpachay Is Everywhere Camp!

To qualify for this program your camper must have been consistently exposed to native speakers, or have been part of a school program with a minimum of eight hours/week of Spanish for one year or more.

AGES 11-15

Children embarking on their Spanish studies will gain confidence by applying the Spanish language in simple conversations. We match core grammar concepts to each activity and use reading, writing and comprehension practice to teach to all learning styles. This summer our teen beginners will learn what it takes to be a theatre arts director through communication games and projects!

Campers will develop an ear for the new language and optimize their vocabulary recall through our immersion approach. At times English will be used to ensure grammar concepts are easily understood. In small groups our daily routines begin with campers learning how to greet one another and communicate feelings through regular check-ins. What follows are our language warm-ups during which time they learn the parts of the body and how to talk about the ways their body language conveys emotion. Exercises include silhouette acting, miming, skits with narration, and more.

Campers also learn how to associate film genres with specific costume styles. Activities include designing props and costumes; from Spanish fans to boleros, our campers become modistas so they can embellish their scenes with flair. At the end, campers will make their fashion debut when they walk the alfombra roja (red carpet) with their own eco-friendly costumes!

Guatemala, Bolivia and Venezuela are our featured countries this summer. We delve into their culture through science and art projects to pique the interest and curiosity of each camper. Our fledglings will develop global awareness and cultural empathy as well as critical thinking skills that are essential for our current times.

AGES 11-15

Summer is the perfect time to improve on all aspects of the Spanish language through immersion learning. Teen campers at this level will receive daily individual Spanish language-development support. Their skills will advance through presentations, essays, games, and group interactions. Our hands-on, project-based learning activities will help improve their reading, writing, grammar, listening, and conversational skills as well as develop their goal setting, time management, and planning skills.

Campers will be introduced to narrative genres such as legends and fables of Guatemala, Bolivia, and Venezuela. They will learn the steps to create and write their own stories. At the end of the week they will present their projects/stories to the rest of the camp. Their immersion learning deepens as they explore the different customs, traditions, and geography of these countries through sports, art, and science projects. Our loros will develop global awareness and cultural empathy as well as critical thinking skills that are essential for our current times.

There are many opportunities to take on leadership roles and model the use of Spanish for younger groups from leading camp songs to helping during snack and transitions. In their own small groups teens will also work on collaborative skills in planning and executing different Fiesta Viernes activities such as scavenger hunts, mercadito, and camp olympics.

To qualify for this program, your child must have been consistently exposed to native speakers or have been part of a school program with a minimum of 20 hours per week of Spanish for two years or more.

Kallpachay Virtual Camp Daily Schedule Illustration

camp '20 themes

Your Spanish adventure begins here! Activities may vary by age, group and level!
Illustration of El Volcan a volcano in Guatemala.
guatemala's land

Tread a path to diverse and spectacular places!


Take flight and soar through Guatemala's beautiful landscape with us! Learn how to play rondas and ulama, traditional games of Guatemala, and follow the customs like kite-making. Make Quetzal piñatas, lava slime volcanos, trek on "tourist expeditions," and cook tostadas!

Skills gained:
Cultural competency, imagination, organization, stewardship, understanding place in time and space
Illustration of a llama.
bolivia's animals

Cozy up with animal friends in their natural habitats!


Join us as we learn about animals while visiting Bolivia! We will decorate traditional hats worn during carnivals, create crafts with wool, build biomes, make sand art, race animal style, prepare Loreto's favorite salteñas, and become a merchant and shopper at our unique Bolivian marketplace.

Skills gained:
Affinity for nature, sensitivity to animals, organization, experimentation, teamwork
Illustration of Latin drums.
venezuela's rhythms

Catch the beats and create your own mash up!


Come with us as we celebrate the rich diversity of Venezuela’s music! Learn about Venezuelan instruments and how to dance the joropo, participate in a talent show, choreograph a dance, cook traditional food like arepas, make a cloud in a jar, learn the rhythms of Venezuela, and much more!

Skills gained:
Coordination, music appreciation, auditory acuity, leadership

camp activities

Spread your wings in a new adventure that builds Spanish fluency through creative expression in the arts and sciences!
Morning Strut activity image showing children with baloons and a Spanish immersion instructor having fun.

We start every morning in our roost—it’s a perfect way to greet the day as we prepare for all the fun activities ahead! Our counselors lead the crow-a-long with a variety of energizing songs and word plays that wake our loritos as they strut over to their first group activity.

Our camp director ensures that campers are having a blast and chronicles camp events so you are in the know.

Flight Plan activity image of kids smiling with paper Sherlock Holmes hats and faux magnifying glasses.
flight plan

Through all-new art and science projects, campers expand their vocabulary and cultural awareness.

From PE to our thematic, kinesthetic language approach, we always have new and exciting opportunities to engage and motivate campers with their speaking practice!


This is the time of the day when campers will choose a project or performance to share. The sky's the limit!

World Fiesta activity image depicting three diverse boys wearing their project ponchos.
specialty days

Spirit days are every Wednesday with activities that tie in to the spirit day themes for an extra special treat! Themes include Taco Day, Pollywood, Cowboys vs. Aliens, and more!

On fiesta viernes, we change things up and surprise campers with a party game that delivers fantastical summer fun! All activities are designed as a culmination of the week's work where campers will showcase their theme knowledge.

our schedule and rates

Join us for all 6 weeks, or for any combination of 1-5 weeks! Pick from 9-11am or 12-2pm (PDT) time slots for weekday virtual camp sessions throughout the summer! (All sessions include a daily 4:30 - 5:00 PM (PDT) Chirp-out.)
June 22 - July 31
Per Week/Child

Beginner-Level Spanish Immersion In Your Home!
June 22 - July 31
Per Week/Child

Intermediate-Level Spanish Immersion In Your Home!
June 22 - July 31
Per Week/Child

Advanced-Level Spanish Immersion In Your Home!
a truly immersive virtual experience

Each two-hour virtual camp session begins with a Chirp-In with all camp groups of the same Spanish level. In this 15-minute prep time we review the goals, share reminders, and learn simple songs and chants to start each day off with joyous camp spirit! This is also a time for our older campers to practicing their leadership skills.

Following the Chirp-In, our counselor-camper groups move into their break-out rooms for Spanish with Loreto (35-40 minutes). Spanish with Loreto includes, skits, games, and active-learning activities, all with a focus on encouraging our campers to advance through speaking practice.

Campers then enjoy a well-deserved 15-20 minute snack in which we continue to foster social and language growth with the option to stay engaged with their counselor and group. Now that campers have full bellies they are ready for some creative fun in our final 40-minute block of project time, simplified for the online experience!

Chirp-Out is when we meet back up with all groups from 4:30-5pm PDT and include programming to round out the day and leave our campers excited for what is to come. We will include opportunities for families to participate, feature surprise guests, counselor challenges, and so much more!

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why learn spanish?

There are endless reasons to learn a second language, and with Spanish in particular - the second most widely spoken language in the world — the reasons are even more evident.

Some of the more important benefits that Spanish-language education offers your child include:

  • Allowing them to communicate with Spanish speakers all over the world
  • Paving the way to vital improvements in their brain development
  • Opening the door to new friends and experiences
  • Creating new avenues for communication to further expand their knowledge
  • Broadening their perspectives as they learn to look at the world through a new lens
  • Improving upon their job prospects and starting salaries as they enter adulthood

Learning with Kallpachay is an easy way to bring fun to all aspects of Spanish language learning. With our native speaking counselors originating from a wide range of Hispanic cultures, our campers are immersed daily in a positive, authentic cultural experience.



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