Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you provide?
We offer summer camps, after-school enrichment classes, private tutoring for children and adults, home groups, curriculum, consulting services, professional development, caregiver training services, and complete programming for extended-day, full-week enrichment.
Are all of your programs true immersion instruction?
Yes, 100% immersion methods are used for all our programs, meaning Spanish is the only spoken language used to communicate inside and outside the classroom.
Does my child need to know any Spanish before starting?
No, we have children of all levels start in our programs. Each class is tailored to students age and grade level.
How can I monitor my child's speaking progress?
Children begin sharing their knowledge outside the lessons once they feel comfortable and confident. Whenever you wish for a report about your child’s progress please email us.

There are many stages to language acquisition, the last of which is speech production. Each student will cycle through the stages at their own pace based upon their prior exposure, learning patterns, and affinities. Prior to speaking outside of the classroom, children usually must become confident and comfortable speaking while in class.

Do your classes have an at-home practice component?
Yes, when you sign up for a class or camp you receive a link to our parent blog and access to the lesson overviews for that theme. This material includes the audio and visual practice links to each lesson along with applicable songs for at-home practice.
How can we get started?
To match your child with the right program, please email us us with the following information:

  • Your location
  • Your child’s age
  • Your child’s prior exposure to Spanish
  • Your preferred type of class (private, home school, after-school enrichment, etc.)
  • Your preferred schedule (length of class, number of times per week)
How long does it take to get started?
We typically can confirm a home group schedule within two weeks of your inquiry.
How much do home groups and classes cost?
For our rates please refer to the programs page on the website.
How can we bring Kallpachay to our school?
Administrators, parents or teachers are welcome to email us with the name of the person who coordinates enrichment at your school. Alternately you can request that we make a connection with your school. Please refer to this link for more information on our Enrichment Services.
Can we observe a class?
Yes, administrators, parents, or teachers are welcome to email us with a request to observe a class and we will arrange this for you.
How many children are required for a home group?
We can provide lessons in private home settings for up to seven children.
Do you help families get home groups started?
Yes, we can help you upon request.
How can I start a home group or private class?
First, email us with the following information:

  • Private or home group (2, 3, 4 or more students)
  • Age of participant(s)
  • Your location
  • Two options for class times and days that work for your schedule

Once a teacher is assigned to your group and the dates confirmed, we provide you and your group with a registration link and welcome/program overview email.


How does the immersion process work?
Immersion is a highly effective approach in which the instructor only speaks in the target language. Brain engagement for solving puzzles and making associations is reinforced as it continues to benefit from making gradual connections to meaning.
What is Kallpachay’s immersion approach?
In a Kallpachay immersion learning environment, the interactions between instructor and student incorporate auditory, visual and kinesthetic methods to help our students to become autonomous, competent Spanish speakers. Intrinsic motivation soars as students move through the stages of acquisition naturally.
How do parents communicate with instructors?
We kindly ask that parents do not engage with teachers in conversation so they can focus on the safety of their groups and can keep to our immersion protocol. At our camps, we have a bilingual site director at each location to help parents daily. For updates about your child’s class progress please email our admin team and we will be happy to help you.
Do instructors understand English?
Yes, our instructors are bilingual. If an emergency arises in which speaking English will ensure the safety of the children, our instructors will speak in English with them.
Are children grouped by level?
Class groups may have beginners through advanced beginners together. Intermediate to advanced students are grouped together whenever possible. Although we do our best to create leveled groups within a class, there are opportunities for interactivity within each of the lessons that advance the skills of all learners. We prepare our teachers with the information you provide when registering. Please refer to our FAQ section on CAMPS for details about our three programs for different levels of campers.
Are children grouped by age?
We group our students by age (typically within a range of two years) to aptly match lesson content to interests, fine motor skills, and cognitive developmental stages.


How can we bring a Kallpachay program to our school?
Administrators, parents, or teachers are welcome to email us with the name of the person who coordinates enrichment classes at your school. You may also share with us the school name and we can follow up with them.
How can we add Spanish to our daily school schedule?
We partner with schools to offer Spanish as a core subject or an elective. In addition, schools can partner with us for the full-week, extended-day Spanish immersion program.
Do you provide grants or funds to start a Spanish immersion program at our school?
We work with school leadership and volunteers to identify and complete grant applications. We are not a 501c3, but a school can be the grantee and contract with us for services.
Can you customize curriculum to fit our school’s requirements?
Yes, we can develop smaller units or full curriculum packages for your school. Kallpachay can adapt our communicative approach to align with common core standards and include assessment materials. Contact us for more details.


What is the camp environment like?
Our small group instruction provides a family-like atmosphere. Each location’s total camper population will range from 20 – 50 campers. Campers thrive in our friendly camp environment with our relaxed pace. Our camp is enjoyable for campers who are uncomfortable in loud, crowded environments.
What will my child be learning about?
This summer we have three different programs that are catered to different ages and Spanish levels!

Lil’ Language Learners Camp (age 4)

  • Lil’ Artists, Scientists, Zoologists, & Chefs

Play Your Way to Spanish Intro Camp (ages 5-13)

  • Artists in Action / Food Adventures *Prerequisite to join Cinematic Arts Week*

Cinematic Spanish Arts Intermediate/Advanced Camp (ages 5-13)

  • Dramatic Improv, Costuming, Animal Cartoons, Superheroes, Mysteries, Special Effects, Photography
What is your daily camp schedule?
Our camp schedule follows a balanced routine. Please refer to our typical camp day routine here.
Do the counselors ever speak English?
Our camp is 100% immersion so counselors will never speak English to campers or parents in front of students. This helps our campers adapt more quickly and start remembering and using Spanish more easily.
How can I communicate with camp staff?
We have a bilingual site director at each camp location to help parents daily. We kindly ask that parents do not engage counselors in conversation so they can focus on the safety of our campers and keep to our immersion protocol.
What are the qualifications of your counselors?
Our instructors are native speakers, experienced teachers, hold a BA in Spanish Language, and/or are working toward their teaching certifications.
What type of background check is done for counselors?
All of our camp counselors and site directors have been cleared with FBI/DOJ fingerprint report (livescan), are TB negative, and certified in Pediatric CPR and First Aid.
What is an open house?
An open house is an opportunity for us to share our camp program with you and for your child to participate in camp activities at a camp location of your choice. We include refreshments, tours, a short presentation, and a Q&A session.
When are the open houses and do I need to RSVP to attend?
The dates are listed on our camp Open House page. RSVP is required for our open houses and you can do so HERE. You can also refer to our events on Eventbrite or on our website Connect page for more details.
Are open houses mandatory?
No, it is not required to attend an open house. We do recommend the visit for new families with campers ages 4-6. It is helpful to see the location and get a feel for the program.
If I cannot attend the open houses, are there other opportunities to see the locations and have questions answered?
Yes, please email us with your questions and let us know your interest in being on a group tour for a specific camp location on a weekday afternoon. We will do our best to organize additional site visits.
If my child is starting their first week in the middle of the camp season will they be lost?
On Mondays, all campers begin together with the new vocabulary for that week’s theme. While we do integrate vocabulary from the weeks prior for those that just start they will be on target with the key vocabulary for that week’s theme.
+Do you have field trips?
The only camp with off-site activities is our Westside location. Campers ages seven and above will have the option each week of one supervised afternoon trip to Santa Monica beaches using public transportation. A certified water safety counselor will be present during beach days and campers can play in the water up to their waist. If campers opt to stay at camp they will be included in camp activities.

+while we plan for the months before camp starts we reserve the right to adjust as needed once summer camp begins.

Do you have swimming?
Our Tarzana camp has a 3.6 foot deep pool and swimming is optional. Swim days will be announced at the beginning of summer and reminders posted at the check-in station. Campers will be supervised by a certified lifeguard during swim time. Floatation devices are allowed.

*You can sign your camper up for private and semi-private swim classes for additional fees.

Can we purchase a lunch option?
You will receive notification three weeks prior to the start of camps with more details if lunch providers will be working with us.
Do you provide food?
We have fruit and crackers available should a child’s snack or lunch be left at home. We serve a light, late-afternoon snack.
Why are camp t-shirts required?
Camp shirts help campers to immediately shift to the camp spirit upon arrival. The counselors are wearing the camp shirts and everyone starts off together prepared for a new experience. It also aids in safety for us to easily identify visitors from our campers. Even if campers have been at camp in past years, the shift to the new customized summer theme shirt reinforces that we are meeting their changes and advancements.
Do you offer early and late care options?
Yes we do. We offer early care from 8-9am and late care from 3-6pm for additional fees. You can review those fees here : Camp rates.
Can we sign up for extended care on a flexible schedule?
Yes, you should check-in with your site director at drop-off to confirm if there is room for your child that day. You can also call or text your site director to schedule extended early or late care in advance. Payment options will be posted at check-in.
Is extended care also in Spanish?
Do you have any special camp days? What happens on those days?
We create cultural celebrations that help our campers learn about a different Latin country each week. Our fiesta takes place after lunch every Friday from 1:30-2:45 pm; this includes face painting, games, food, and lots of fun! Campers enjoy the build-up to the fiesta and are excited when the day finally arrives. We will notify you of the country of the week prior to the start of each week and we welcome you to share your ideas with us for the celebration!
Do I need to send my child with anything special for Fiesta Fridays?
We will notify you in advance if we suggest for campers to bring an item from home that ties into the theme of our celebration day. We encourage campers to use items they already have so they can get in the spirit of Fiesta Days.
Will my child learn Spanish if they attend camp for one or two weeks?
Yes, each week of camp is a well-rounded experience complete with a wide range of activities. They will learn how to work with the vocabulary in a variety of ways, as well as read and write in Spanish too! If immersion learning is new for your camper, the short time with us will give them confidence and awareness for future language learning and a positive association with the process.
Is there enough variety to keep my child engaged if I do the whole summer of Kallpachay Adventure Camp?
Our camp is called Adventure Camp because we create new adventures each day for our campers to learn from. Our camp offers a healthy balance with plenty of support and new, dynamic themes each week. The activities will be diversified so each week brings new learning opportunities.
My child has special needs, how can we cooperate together to make sure camp staff is prepared?
Depending on the situation, it is very possible we can modify our curriculum to help your child. Please let us know before registering what the specific needs of your child are. We want to have a helpful conversation to be sure that this is a program we can recommend for your child. If this seems like an appropriate program then we will work with you to map out a strategy. We will review with our admin team and counselors all instructions and information you provide during registration.
Where can I read the camp policies?
Please review our camp policies here.
Do I have to create another account if this is my second summer?
No, all the registration information you entered last summer is saved on your account page. This is available to you to check 24/7 by logging on with the email you used to create your account and your password. Here is the link to log in. Please note we have made a few minor changes to the camp information forms; you can log in at any time and update this information. If you have any questions please contact us!
Do I have to pay the full amount at the time of registering?
No, camp registration requires a deposit of $200 per registration action. If you decide later you want to add weeks using your online account you will be prompted to add a new deposit or you can contact the admin office.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, your camp balance can be set up on a payment plan by choosing that option at check-out. You may choose from one to six installments. Final balances are due in full by June 1st.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you wish to cancel your registration you must email us prior to June 1st or you will lose your deposit. Additionally, if you received discounts and have not paid in full* by June 1st you will lose your early bird discounts and multiple week discounts.

*Some exceptions apply. Contact our office for more details.

How are referral discounts applied?
Our registration form will ask if you referred a friend and/or who referred you. We will then check both forms to see if they match in order to provide the discounts. Discounts will be applied once the summer camp session begins.
Do you offer scholarships for camps?
Yes, there are a few 30 – 50% tuition assistance spaces available each week of camp based upon need. Here is the link to the application form Link. Please note the application deadline is April 1st. You will need to have your most recent tax form ready to upload to the application. Notifications of awards will be emailed by April 15th and you will be required to make a deposit and set up a payment plan by May 1st.
Can we switch camp locations or scheduled weeks?
Yes, you may make one transfer of locations or weeks without additional expense by letting us know in advance. We will check availability for you in your child’s group. Themes will vary by each location’s schedule. Any additional transfer requests will incur a $10 fee per transfer.
How can I add on multiple weeks?
Once you select your first week you will be prompted to enter some basic information after which you can continue registering for additional weeks.
How do I receive discounts?
After you finish adding the preferred weeks and add ons to your cart, the price will adjust at check out. You will receive $35 off per week if you register for 4 or more. We are also offering a sibling discount of 5%.
What is your refund policy?
Please refer to our refund and cancellation policy via this link.


Do you offer classes for adults?
Yes, we offer adult privates, semi-privates, and home groups.
What can we expect from a Kallpachay class?
Our 100% immersion lessons are based on communicative activities that progress students toward successful speech production. We begin by helping our students to remember vocabulary through kinesthetic activities and consistently support advancement by encouraging participation in dynamic games.
What is a typical Kallpachay Spanish class like?
In a typical one hour class series, students participate in group games, art, or science projects, balanced by short independent work time. Our style of teaching with the immersion approach is what helps our students become autonomous, competent Spanish speakers.
How will I know what my child is learning about?
When you register you will see a short description of the theme assigned to your class. You will also have access to our parent blog once the class has started. There you will be able to read the overview of the theme referenced by objectives for vocabulary and grammar.
Do instructors ever speak English?
No, Kallpachay instructors will never speak English to our students (except in cases of emergency), or with parents in front of students. We kindly ask that parents do not engage in conversation with our teachers so that they can focus on the safety of our students and keep to our immersion protocol. Our admin team is always happy to help by communicating with your teacher and relating back to you their observations about your child’s progress in class.
What are the qualifications of your instructors?
Our instructors are native speakers, have a BA in Spanish Language, and/or are working toward their teaching certifications.
What type of credentials do instructors submit?
All of our instructors are livescanned and cleared by FBI/DOJ and results are sent to us. They are also TB negative, and certified in Pediatric CPR and First Aid.
How do classes in a series differ from week to week?
Each class includes a balanced routine that begins with a check-in and short review, then new activities that expand on theme vocabulary are introduced with a focus on communicative-style games, songs, activity pages, and projects.
When can I expect my child to begin to speak Spanish at home?
Our clients have reported that after only a few classes their child started to use more Spanish at home, sing class songs, pick up on other people speaking Spanish, and above all, adopt a positive association with speaking Spanish. For some students this happens rather quickly, while for others it may take longer depending upon prior exposure and affinity for language learning.
What fluency level can be gained in one hour a week?
In one hour a week over a relatively short period of time a child gains confidence in being a competent immersion language learner and gains valuable experience in foundational grammatical constructs and literacy skills. Continuing with classes once per week over an extended period of time adds to those gains with ever-increasing amounts of varied vocabulary to draw from in communicative activities. For quicker advancement we recommend multiple hours a week and at least three weeks of summer camp.
How long does it take for my child to speak complete sentences?
Language learning is a gradual process, and a majority of the absorption may initially be undetectable. The gradual, balanced pacing of our classes helps boost our students’ confidence which enables them to apply their Spanish knowledge outside of the classroom.
How many classes are in a session?
Each series of 10 classes completes one of our themed units. We also offer semester schedules of approximately 16 classes which include two thematic units. Some school schedules differ so we are able to tailor our program to each school’s needs.
How long are classes?
Classes can range from 45 minutes to 3 hours.
How many students are in a class/group?
Our class sizes are typically between 6-10 children. We prefer to have small-group dynamics to support Spanish language practice. Some circumstances arise where we have larger groups, and for these we do our best to place a lead and assistant teacher.
Are children grouped by level?
Yes, beginner through intermediate students may be grouped separately from advanced students depending upon factors. Advanced students are usually in their own group. Inquire with Admin prior to registering if you are unsure if the group you are interested in is right for your child.
How do you address the range of levels within a class?
There are many opportunities for interactivity within each of the lessons that advance the skills of all learners. Teachers are prepared with details about their students and plan their differentiation of each lesson to address each students’ skill level.
Are children grouped by age?
We group our students by age (typically within a range of two years) to aptly match lesson content to interests, fine motor skills and cognitive developmental stages.
Where are your classes held?
Our classes are hosted at various locations across the Greater Los Angeles region. See the updated list here. If you would like to invite us to open up classes at a location near you please email us your requests and we will follow up with you.
Do you offer trial classes?
Yes, for most sessions you may sign up for a trial class by selecting that tuition option for your class of choice. If you do not see this option please contact us.
What if we miss a class?
Unfortunately due to the nature of our program we are not able to offer makeup classes. Your child can keep pace with their group through use of our home practice blog for guidance. We request you notify us if your child will be absent from class so we can inform their teacher.
Do you offer refunds for classes?
Please refer to our refund and cancellation policy via this link.
My child is shy, how do instructors approach shyness?
Participation is voluntary and as soon as a child feels safe and motivated, speech practice will follow. Spanish with Kallpachay is about joy and fun! Through associating Spanish with social interactions and game playing we hope our students feel confident and make learning Spanish a lifelong interest.
Do you offer scholarships for classes?
Yes, there are a limited number of scholarship spaces available each year.
Class scholarship application form link
Where can I read the class policies?
Here is a link to our class policies.
Where can I see a listing of available classes?
Active is the secured, encrypted online registration platform we use to list all of our class and camp options. For a listing of all our classes you will search by location HERE.
How can I log-in to my Active account?
If you have already created an account on Active you may access it using this link.
Why do I have to create an account with Active?
We want parents to create an Active account because it allows us to see all the information needed before a class, such as emergency contact information, allergies, and pick-up authorizations. We also send out important email updates through Active.
Why is there a materials fee for classes? Is it refundable?
Some classes have fees for materials. The materials fee is non-refundable and it is used to cover the cost of all the materials used in projects and activities in class.
Is there a registration fee?
Yes, there is a $5.20 fee that is applied at check-out for each class series.
* Are your prices standard?
Prices may vary depending on the nature of the program, how many participants are anticipated to be involved in the class, the financial need of the families involved, etc.
† What is the breakdown of prices for home groups?
Home group pricing is broken down as such:
  • $50/hour/person for groups of 3
  • $40/hour/person for groups of 4 or more
‡ What is the breakdown of prices for private classes?
Private class pricing is broken down as such:
  • $80/hour/person for private classes (1 person)
  • $65/hour/person for semi-private classes (2 people)


Who can purchase Kallpachay curriculum?
Anyone who wants to provide Spanish instruction to children ages 4-11. Experienced or novice teachers and parents can use this curriculum to advance their students. There are additional support features available for those who are still developing teaching skills.
What age is your curriculum for?
Our thematic units are targeted for children ages 5-9 but is adaptable for younger and older children as well.
Why is this curriculum effective?
Our curriculum capitalizes on students’ innate capacity to infer meaning when 100% immersed in a Spanish only environment. Students gain competencies in all areas of language acquisition and build confidence through successfully completing each lesson. We do this in a creative and progressive manner and serve to give learners the ability and confidence to speak Spanish using simple words and sentences. Our worksheets are a culmination of each lesson’s key content activities.
What does each thematic unit include?
Each thematic unit includes:

  • 1 Teacher’s manual (which is a guide for using the immersion approach with clear explanations of progression of lessons and an in-depth explanation of how the lesson benefits the student in their language acquisition. This includes an explanation of how to use routines to expand on language acquisition.)
  • 10 one-hour lesson plans (Note: lessons can be extended; there is ample material for selecting variations for review lessons)
  • 10 activity pages coordinated in the lesson
  • 10 audio MP4 files for home or class practice
  • Audio/visual material files to use with the lessons
  • Thematic poster for attendance
  • Thematic vocabulary flashcards
  • 8 emotion cards
  • Program overview for your own use and to share with parents
  • Letter of explanation of the immersion approach for parents
What themes are available?
Please check our curriculum page for all updates on themes for purchase and special purchase packages.
How do the themes work together in progression?
The themes build upon one another in diversifying grammatical concepts and vocabulary. Different games and activities help build immersion complexity.
What are your themes?
The first group of themes available for purchase are part of our Time Travel curriculum. Three themes in total are part of the bundle, and can also be purchased individually. Theme 1 is Costa Rican Animals, Theme 2 is Enchanted Kingdom, and Theme 3 is Intergalactic Mission.
Can you customize curriculum unique to our program’s needs?
Yes, we can develop smaller units or full curriculum packages for your school. Kallpachay can adapt our communicative approach to align with common core standards and include assessment materials. Contact us for more details.
How effective is the curriculum?
Our curriculum has been used to teach over 200 students to be autonomous, confident Spanish speakers and understand the Spanish language. In over 30 locations over the past two years, we have seen results from week to week with over 30 teachers using our curriculum.
Do you provide samples of your curriculum?
When will your curriculum be available for purchase?
Our first three themes will be available Spring 2018. For a full list of our production schedule for future curriculum pleaseemail us.
What is the return policy?
Our curriculum is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. For more details about our refund policy please email