When you work with Kallpachay you get a detailed focus on student progress and academic success. Our experience implementing our full-immersion, theme-based programs is applied to empower your teacher effectiveness and student development. We create an action plan that invigorates your program by developing your students’ curiosity and communication.

Emerging Spanish Programs

We prioritize your educational needs and interests to help you develop a roadmap to achieve your benchmarks in second-language education.

Established Spanish Programs

We evaluate your unique needs and guide you to achieve a more effective, streamlined program for your students.


We guide home-study families and community programs in how to adopt our immersion class model to provide second language education.


Kallpachay works with companies that wish to gain insight on how to tailor their business to the Spanish market. We also set up Spanish instruction sessions for employees.


Start on the path to immersion teaching with Kallpachay’s dynamic curriculum and your students will play their way to Spanish with ease! Our teacher’s manual guides you through the process with not only the how-to’s but also the why’s.

  • Why is this lesson important to teach in this particular way?
  • Why is the progression important?
  • How can I use routines to advance language acquisition?
  • How can I adapt the lessons for my unique group?

Your practical working knowledge and level of teaching a foreign language will improve dramatically by using Kallpachay’s curriculum.

  • Step-by-step guide to immersion teaching
  • Speech production focus
  • Captivating visual imagery
  • Art activities
  • Science projects
  • Cultural components
  • Games, songs, and more!


Intergalactic Mission
Enchanted Kingdom
Costa Rican Animals


Beginners to Intermediate LEVELS

Our Time Travel Series capitalizes on students’ innate capacity to infer meaning when 100% immersed in a Spanish-only environment. Students gain confidence and skills in all areas of language acquisition. Our progressive lessons advance students with creative techniques that place an emphasis on oral fluency. Expectations for student achievement are built into all lessons. Our activity pages are a culmination of every lesson’s key content so that the student is prepared to succeed. Adaptable for ages 4-10.


  • Teacher’s manual
  • 10 (one hour) lesson plans
  • 10 activity pages coordinated to the lesson
  • 10 audio MP 4 files for home or class practice
  • Audio/visual material files to use with the lessons
  • Thematic poster for attendance
  • Thematic vocabulary flashcards
  • 8 emotion cards
  • Program overview for your own use and to share with parents
  • Letter of explanation of the immersion approach for parents
  • 5 additional hours of lesson extension options

Curriculum Testimonials

I have been teaching Spanish as a second language for seven years using different methods and approaches in my lessons with very good results, but what I really like about Kallpachay’s method is that is fun and dynamic! Rocio Levito

Kallpachay’s curriculum has helped me focus on specific targets of what I want to accomplish in each class. It is very detailed and precise to the point that even if you are just beginning your teaching career, it will help you step-by-step to deliver excellent results. Violeta Villagomez

Kallpachay’s curriculum has proposed activities that meet the purpose of promoting student participation and the acquisition of the Spanish language.

Violeta Huerta

Professional Development


Kallpachay has trained, equipped, and mentored over seventy teachers to implement successful immersion classes to over six-hundred students. Our teachers excel using Kallpachay’s communication-based immersion techniques and parents report that the gains in their child’s speech production surpass their expectations.


Kallpachay provides professional development services to schools of all types. For schools with well-established Spanish immersion programs to those in the planning and initiating stages, we offer our expertise in immersion and communicative-based teaching techniques. Your school’s unique goals guide us in determining the perfect blend of services to recommend, including but not limited to: workshops, trainings, mentoring, in-services, and observations.  *For schools that require help identifying areas for growth, our consulting services fill that gap, and allow us to provide that roadmap for you.


Your teachers will gain first-hand experience in utilizing communication-based activities through direct instruction, dialogue, practice, guided observations, mentoring, and feedback. Kallpachay experts help your teachers apply communication-based skills in their classrooms to ensure students’ performance in all competencies of language acquisition will improve.


  • Infuse communication-based activities into your lessons
  • Invigorate your Spanish class with high-interest activities
  • Incorporate standards into dynamic, thematic-units
  • Design and adapt activities to integrate grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening with communication skills
  • Balance units with cultural competencies
  • Extend oral fluency in your routines
  • Incorporate technology in your classroom
  • Include your topic of preference


  • Prep work
  • Interactive
  • Guided practice
  • Hands-on
  • Practical
  • Support

Training Sessions

  • In-depth series
  • Address multiple goals
  • Follow through
  • Practical
  • Support

Mentoring /

  • Skype meetings
  • Group chats
  • Teacher blog access


  • Working with you in your classroom
  • Arrange off-site visits to our classes
  • Preview our lesson plans
  • Be observed teaching a part of our lesson in our class

Professional Development Testimonials

Mrs. Rubio-Hignett’s teaching style and techniques are easy to follow, fun for the kids, and enormously effective, which in turn brings great results. Violeta Villagomez

Mrs. Rubio-Hignett taught me better classroom management and organization. Her techniques make activities fun for children, which helps them enjoy learning Spanish. Violeta Huerta

Kallpachay’s curriculum has helped me plan and better organize my classes. It has also helped simplify the content in a fun and constructive way, helping the students more easily learn the language. Arlenys C.


Schools can partner with Kallpachay to enrich their students’ lives with quality Spanish immersion language education. Schools and parents with a desire to fill the second-language learning gap can rely on our expertise to customize and manage a program for them.


Extended Day Program

  • Daily aftercare dismissal to 6pm
  • Daily Spanish immersion and other enrichment choices
  • Homework help/Snack

Program Development

  • Afterschool enrichment
  • Core Spanish curriculum
  • Spanish through physical or arts education
  • Thematic units before school

Cultural Literacy

  • Virtual exchanges
  • Homestay hosting
  • Curriculum projects

Events & Community Engagement

  • Spanish Schools’ Summit
  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Tailored programming

Training for Caregivers

Your Child’s Language Journey Begins Here

Kallpachay prepares parents, relatives, and nannies with the skills and confidence to become a child’s first language teacher. Our immersion method empowers caregivers through on-the-job training and off-site meetings. Our services are customized to match each family’s schedules and goals.

Our training and certification program:

  • Recognizes infancy and early childhood as the most effective time to teach a second language
  • Give parents certainty of their caregiver’s strengths to teach a second language
  • Optimizes the time your child spends with your Spanish speaking caregiver

Who benefits?

  • Parents for whom Spanish language acquisition through immersion is a priority and goal for their child.
  • Parents that want certainty that their goals for Spanish acquisition will be realized through the caregiver/child relationship.
  • Parents that are in the process of hiring or have hired a Spanish-speaking caregiver for their infant.
  • Parents that value second language education and want to learn and grow while supporting their caregiver.

In our training program caregivers learn how to:

  • Optimize their effectiveness as a language teacher
  • Reach each of the essential language milestones
“Being a native speaker and speaking to a child in Spanish does not ensure that the child will understand, learn, or speak the language.” Cristina Rubio-Hignett,

Curriculum Specialist