Every summer we expand our program to meet the needs of our campers. New this year are the three types of programs to match the stages and ages of our campers.  Four-year-olds benefit from the pacing from the schedule of the day to the two weeks to fully sink into the theme.  If campers sign up for one week of a particular theme they do benefit as well although we recommend signing up for Week 1 of the theme in those instances if you have the choice.  The Intro to Spanish program is new as well and this meets the needs of campers who are brand new to Spanish and wish to get started in a relaxed environment with others at their level.  More advanced campers that are used to the immersion approach start this year with the Cinematic Arts program. This is all new curriculum for the summer of 2018 and children will have a great time with the types of activities without the pressure of having to perform in a big production.  Our campers are special and all the programs make for great memories!