Studies in neurological brain functioning reveal more and more data about learning. When educators, especially those teaching languages, can sculpt their curriculum to optimize learning everyone benefits. El País which is an online Spanish publication interviewed Francisco Mora author of the the Book Neuroeducación version (Feb 2017), You can read the article written by Ana Torres Menárguez HERE.

The interview lead by Ana reveals the practical implications science can have to impact learning if used properly to energize classroom environments. Most educators know from experience what studies are now able to provide evidence for. When teachers see their students light up with excitement and curiosity about what they are learning, they note the learning takes hold faster and goes deeper. Students tend to remember and make connections more easily when more of their senses are engaged, as the study notes, evidence suggests this is due to an elevation in memory and other brain functions. If you are an educator and are interested in sparking your student’s memory functions with lessons that generate enthusiasm please contact Kallpachay for more resources.

*Francisco Mora, author of the book Neuroeducación. You Can Only Learn What You Love (Alianza), which already has eleven editions since 2013, is also a doctor in Neuroscience by the University of Oxford and became interested in the subject in 2010, when he attended the first World Congress of Neuroeducation celebrated in Peru. Menárguez’s interview reveals Mora’s advice on how to approach teaching.