Kallpachay is expanding our services this summer to include cultural exchange experiences for our families. New this year we are offering the opportunity for families to immerse in more summer Spanish by hosting educators from Spain. Kallpachay has partnered with Spanish Education Programs (SEP) to provide families with a taste of Madrid!

Cultural literacy is tied hand-in-hand with homestay experiences. Our Director of Spanish Education, Cristina Rubio-Hignett, knows first hand the benefits of living with a family from a different country and is leading the Kallpachay homestay program. She shares, “Even the best immersion program that teaches Spanish in the most communicative way is still bound by the limitations of a classroom. Through hosting a Spanish counselor, both parents and children will benefit from another level of immersion and greatly expand on their Spanish cultural and linguistic experience.” Hosting provides authentic cultural exchange in the comfortability of your home while sharing meals, authentic dialogue, different lifestyles and interactions in Spanish.

Homestay experiences are provided by a multitude of companies. Lindsay who traveled to Argentina with The Experiment in International Living states, “At the beginning of my homestay, I referred to my host family as my ‘host family’, and my real family as my ‘real family’. By the end of the trip there was no ‘host’ and there was no ‘real’. Family is family, familia es familia.” Kallpachay’s goal is to ensure cultural inclusion both for the host family and the counselor.

Mrs. Rubio-Hignett will be interviewing families who wish to participate in the program. All of our summer counselors including those coming from abroad are qualified educators and meet all clearances and our high standard of professionalism.

The homestay program will run between 4-7 weeks and requires an application fee and registration fee for those that qualify. If you or anyone in your network is interested in hosting please email programcoordinator@kallpachay.com or call 818-392-4826 to learn more. You can also apply HERE.